Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

We specialise in high quality Corporate Videos that deliver your communication goals. Our flexible style of working means we can jump in at the beginning and assist you to develop your messaging, or shoot and edit your existing script. 

We’re passionate about communicating through video. Whether it’s your employees, customers, suppliers, community, investors - it doesn’t matter. We’ll work tirelessly to develop videos that meet your objectives. 

Examples include;

- Training video

- Internal comms announcements

- Strategy videos

- Investor relations

Once you’ve invested in high quality video production services with Grundy Productions, you have a video asset that can be used again and again.

Our Post-Production Video Services mean that you can adjust and re-edit your videos for updated product features or new service enhancements. That means your Corporate Videos can evolve and grow along with your business.

Corporate Videos

Project Example

“I LOVE IT! Please give our thanks to everyone involved in production. I have to say, you guys produce beautiful work – but the real difference for us is the preparation that goes into your shoots. Ports are complex and changeable environments, and it’s not always easy to film or fly drones. Kane and the team always take the time to understand the environment, the risks, and the safety precautions they need to take, and we know they’ll arrive with the right safety gear and will go about the shoot in a safe way”.
Breanna Cullen, Communications Advisor – Napier Port