Just One Thing Challenge

Firstly, we sincerely hope you are OK. Where there with you, we know the future is uncertain and that creates a raft of thoughts and feelings. From our homes to yours, we give you an appropriate socially distant air hug.

As business owners of a ‘non essential’ business we’ve been through the rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions.

“I’m excited. Let’s use this time to get things done on our business we wouldn’t normally.”

“What if we do A, what if we do B… wait, what if we do C. Well that depends on X, Y and Z…

Kids interrupt.

“Ok, we just need to stay focussed”.

“Ah, this is really hard!”

“Nope, don’t go there. Be kind to ourselves. One step at a time”

But the essence of all of the above (and much more) is a discovery of the single best thing we can be doing right now. For our clients, for our community and for our families. When you can’t do what you’ve always done, and need to pivot they make it sound so easy. But it’s not!

There is so much involved in figuring out what to pivot to, and how to execute it.

We were searching for inspiration. From podcasts, articles, videos, vlogs, blogs and conversations with business leaders.

And for us, it boiled down to what is JUST ONE THING we can do that would have the biggest impact on our Hawke’s Bay Business community.

What is JUST ONE THING we can do to help relieve some stress, some pressure and give support, encouragement and reassurance.

So, what is it? What’s your One Thing?

Film it. Share it (use #justonethingchallenge) and Challenge someone.

With love,

The Grundy team – Nicky, Kane, Ally and Suden


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