Nicky Grundy

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Nicky Grundy

Nicky loves taking care of business, and she’s more than qualified to do just that. Nicky has both operated and sold her own businesses in Hawke’s Bay and has enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing for an international training company.

Nicky now brings her business acumen to Grundy Productions: creating the edge that sets them apart in the production of marketing videos. By listening carefully to clients, Nicky ensures that Grundy Productions fulfils the brief and delivers beyond the results that businesses are looking for.

There is an art to creating a video that tells a story; captures a process; or brings to life an idea. Nicky spends a lot of time in the editing suite during post production to ensure that each marketing video not only looks good, but will do the business as well.

When she’s not helping clients devise a winning video marketing plan Nicky loves spending time with the kids, and ‘Glamping’ with her family in their transportable cabin.