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Ally Naylor

Ally Naylor

Associate Producer

Every team needs a person like Ally. As the Associate Producer at Grundy Productions, she spends her time listening to our clients and getting to the heart of the story they want to tell. Then she connects their needs with scheduling and production requirements. You could say she generally makes things happen for everyone involved.

Before joining Grundy Productions, Ally worked in high performing roles across communications, PR, and process management. A change of lifestyle triggered a change in career direction: Ally moved from Wellington to Hawke’s Bay to be with her husband in 2018.

Never one to be without a challenge, she quickly looked for her next chance to be part of a great team. A Bachelor of Arts in Screen and Media Studies and some amazing organisation skills made her a perfect fit for the team at Grundy Productions.

As well as enjoying her work role, Ally has also immersed herself in Hawke’s Bay life. She’s often out exploring the area and enjoys spending time hanging out with her kids. Her creative skills even have an outlet in her social life as she loves painting, making furniture and playing guitar.

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